C/ Vespasiano,8.Mérida
María Acevedo Godoy- - 619 28 14 42

PREXENZ is a studio specialized in the development of communication strategies and interactive applications in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. They always give their productions a high level of quality and realism, giving attention to every detail,that’s his seal.
Main services are: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Serious Games, 3D Modeling, 360º Video and Image and Interactive Experiences of all kinds; focused on Education, Culture, Architecture, Communication, Industrial Processes, Tourism and all the fields we can cover with these technologies. Their products are focused to reduce training time, increase work efficiency, improve the visualization and accessibility of data and enrich or improve the message of the brand, testing of products and facilities … saving high production costs to its customers.


  • Virtual Reality. Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets, sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multiple projection environments, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate the physical presence of a user in an environment virtual or imaginary.
  • Infographics and Video 360. Video or film footage showcasing an bussines or presenter's previous work. Usually 2 to 3 minutes in length, a showreel typically supplements an bussines résumé and is used to promote the bussines skill, product and education.
  • 3D Models. In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling (or three-dimensional modeling) is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (either inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software.
  • Applications. Application is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone/tablet or PC´s. Where we can see or interact with different elements and environments.
  • Architectural Rendering. Architectural Rendering is a graphical three-dimensional computer simulation of an architectural design with its interiors. It is needed by architects and designers who use it to estimate the appearance of an object before they start working on a project taking into account all future changes.
  • Augmented reality. The primary value of Augmented reality is that it brings components of the digital world into a person's perception of the real world, and does so not as a simple display of data, but through the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment.